Law Office of Daniel Pinegar
Law Office of Daniel Pinegar

Practice Areas


  • General Business, Corporate Organization, Start-Up, Venture Capital Management, Contract and Form Drafting


  • Transactional work


  • Employment law & Discrimination


  • Simple or Complex Disputes and Litigation


  • Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark Registration and Protection


  • Cryptocurrency


  • Real Estate - Residential and Commercial


  • Immigration


  • eDiscovery Consulting, Testifying, and Project Management


  • Collections


  • From time to time we also provide assistance to clients in negotiating other legal matters, or in providing shadow representation and work behind the brand of your own law firm practice.  Please let us know about your dispute and how we can assist you.  






Please note we have licensed attorneys in the Washington, D.C. metro area.  We do not accept new clients for general criminal matters. 

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Please note we are not currently accepting new clients.