Law Office of Daniel Pinegar
Law Office of Daniel Pinegar

A Boutique Law Firm for Today's Clients



Serving Washington, D.C. Metro area individuals and businesses for over a decade, we take only select cases and clients that need the special touch.  From real estate investments to small business contract disputes, from consumer class actions and arbitration, to cryptocurrencies and intellectual property/trademark enforcement.  


If you are asking yourself whether you need to hire a lawyer, chances are, you do, and the sooner the better.  Or if the lawyer/firm you have already hired aren't doing you the service you deserve, we can take the case from here.  You can lose your entire case on a legal deadlines, technicality or misunderstanding a government rule or regulation.  Members of the firm have worked for top law firms, government agencies, and private corporations in-house.  Using reduced fee-structures compared to AmLaw500 firms, our small member-managed firm lets us have direct contact with clients and minimal overhead.  Flat fee fee structures may be available for transactional work.  


Client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege are of paramount importance to the firm.  All inquiries are confidential and privileged.  ACT NOW and let us know how we can help you.  



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Our firm practices exclusively in Washington, D.C. using DC Barred Attorneys